Commission a custom drawing or painting of your RPG character! The final product is hand-drawn in traditional media of ink and watercolor (full-color option). You can choose from portrait (chest and up), half-body (thigh area and up), or full body.  You will recive the origonal copy and also a digital copy as well. 


When ordering, please give a detailed description of your character (see prompts when ordering). Also, provide a contact email for the artist to ask any additional questions that will help them draw your character to your specifications. If not provided, then the artist will base drawing on the information you provide only. 

Custom Commissioned Character Art

  • My character is a female halfling rogue with shoulder-length bright red curly hair and green eyes. She has light brown skin and freckles. She has bangs and cute hair clips. She also has several ear piercings and a nose stud. She has a hand crossbow and wears a grey cloak with pink embroidery designs of flowers. She is wearing fancy clothing underneath. She has a mischievous smile and usually has a cheerful attitude. I want her to be holding a pink rose. My email is