Meet the characters and players 

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This is Fionnuala. She’s a spellcaster with a lot of secrets… such as, what race is she? Her affinity for fungi and plants is quite apparent, but maybe she isn’t quite what she seems? She is also trying to figure out what these rifts between planes are all about and is motivated to do so for reasons currently unknown to her party. Fionnuala, also known as Noodle by some of her party members, loves vegetables, her elk mount Celery and embracing her strangeness. Her dream is to someday explore the black market and buy lots of weird stuff… she just has to convince her party that this is a good idea first.


Fionnuala is played by Jen, who is a human artist and wildlife biologist. Jen loves art, nature and books. She also really loves D&D and has been playing for about a year and a half. She also appreciates that Matt (the DM) allows for lots of flavor additions and homebrew options


Pelleas the Lucky, a wandering Bard who commonly seeks residencies with the wealthiest families across the land, has spent years trying to put this past life as a sailor behind him. While he’s not much for physical confrontation, his quick wit can often get him out of a difficult situation - assuming it wasn’t his wit that got him there in the first place.


Jacob Erickson is a lifelong human who also relies a bit too much on his wit, and is about twice as sarcastic as Pelleas. He’s in the process of relocating to Denver to pursue a career in software development.


As for RPG experience, he’s never handled a rocket propelled grenade, nor does he have any interest in doing so in the foreseeable future.


Blessings of the Light be upon you. This is Marion Kind. A wandering priest of Pelor and Ex-Mercenary. Pursuing the mysteries of the Rifts as a means to re-affirm his faith, Marion hopes to find redemption for his past transgressions, the nature of which are currently known to none in the party. With his trusty aged warhorse Hero by his side, Marion traveled the road to Landrian after receiving a sign from the Lord of the Sun.

In this reality Marion is played by Garrett. Garrett is, in fact, a fungal colony that has attained human sentience and when asked, says he is currently doing “important human things”. You too can grow your own Garrett by pouring half a cup of water on a swatch of carpet and leaving it in a dark, moist space, and saying those words which will draw the wandering eye of the exultant one from the void beyond the veil. Garrett has been playing TRPG’s for nearly a decade now, and sees very little reason to stop anytime soon.


Say hello to Amsily! Hiding may be second nature to her, but otherwise be warned as she will try to become your best friend. After having to relocate to Reven’hein, Ames is looking forward to see what else this land has in store, and this looks like the perfect group to do that with.


Beth is an aircraft mechanic with a theatrical side. DnD is the perfect outlet for both sides of her brain.

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Taylor Granger’s is considered by some to be an older man. His hair may be spotted with grey and his face shows the lines of many years under the sun, however he feels a wild energy that leads him to adventure. He is of average height and weight and tends to let others do the talking. His mind is not always there when considering figures and facts, but he can rely on his gut and instinct when things go south. Taylor grew up in the forest and has always felt close to the woodland that nurtured him and helped provide for his family. He has been shaped by this world into the thing he is today, sometimes more animal than man.


Kittredge lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has been playing DnD and roleplaying games since he was 10 years old. He hasn’t played a ranger since 2nd edition and loves backpacking and formatting spreadsheets.


Nortrude Bergamot has never suffered a fool a day in her life, at least until she met this traveling group. Devoted to the art of scientific study through magecraft, she has dedicated the last two decades of her life to investigating the rifts crossing through Revelhein. Armed with a hot cup of Earl Grey tea and a traveling library, she and her familiar Bee (Beelzebub the chipmunk) are ready to collect all the data they can dream of.⁠


In Real Life, Nortrude is played by Erin. After years of listening to her husband going on about campaigns and character stats, she agreed to try playing D&D, and it turns out it’s a whole lot of fun. Erin is an artist and a math tutor and loves living in Utah.⁠


This is John. With his heavy sword and angelic bloodline he is fresh to the world of adventuring. He’s an acolyte of the Church of the Rift and barely left the church until his first big mission to spread the word of the rifts.

Narcie is an avid Role player and has been playing DnD and the like for 20 years.

This is Matt the DM for Rolling on Fate. A lot of his inspiration of the world and Revelhein has come from the many books and stories he read over the years. Matt always wanted to create a story and what better way to do that with D&D.  He loves bending the rules of D&D and creating a homebrew world.


Matt lives in Colorado with his girlfriend Jen. He is a wildlife biologist that specializes in mammalian species and human wildlife conflict.  In his free time he is a photographer, outdoorsman, and avid gamer. Matt started playing D&D in Highschool with a homebrew edition of D&D 1.5.  Since then he has been teaching others to play D&D and advocating for his friends to step out of their comfort zones and travel to fantasy worlds.  

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